Tally On Cloud Starting at ₹499* Fastest Cloud

AiCloudHoster has addressed the need to access Tally on the cloud. Save on costs and time, with a seamless Rdp& Browser experience and run Tally from any device, anytime you want.

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    Why Aicloudhoster Tally on cloud?

    Completely tested

    100% verification by the Tally users and no Microsoft licenses are required.

    Accuracy and efficiency

    Situated on Tier 4 Data Centers with specialized
    Tally Servers andhigh-speed reliable networking.


    Highly affordable. Make use of your personal Tally license with no extra charges.

    Tally is completely safe

    Tally is safer in the Aicloudhoster cloud than at
    your workplace. Network management is entirely web-based.

    Outstanding features and functionality that you require

    Explore our user-friendly features that enhance your Cloud Experience and make it safe, helpful, and efficient. Diverse Tally Work conditions may demand specific features to make aicloudhoster Cloud valuable.

    Smooth accessibility

    ● You can use any browser to view your tally.
    ● Get Client software for safe and fast access.

    High-quality printing

    ● Any printer linked to your computer.
    ● Printers that can be shared over a network.

    Backup is effortless

    ● Back up to your computer.
    ● Backups are organized.
    ● Daily Backup Of Your Cloud Machine
    ● Real Time Backup Of Your Cloud Data

    Uploads are fast

    ● GSTR templates, Export Templates, TDL, Logo, and Settings folders can all be easily uploaded.

    High security

    ● Backend server on Linux.
    ● An encrypted browser is used.
    ● Industry Level Firewall Protection.
    ● Protection From Ransomware Attacks.

    Export without interruption

    ● Straight to your computer's downloads folde

    Record of Access

    ● User access records, such as operating Tally, uploading files, and syncing, are all viewable.
    ● Administration login reports, such as Data Management, Tally Management, and User Access, are all accessible.

    Simple server administration

    ● Data Processing is Simple: Easily upload new or existing data.
    ● Tally Management is easy: Download and update Tally software.
    ● User Management is effortless: Handle users, credentials, and roles with ease.

    Latest grouping

    ● A group of users is given only one set of organizations.
    ● When using Tally, individuals in one group cannot view the organizations of other groupings.

    Dynamic backup system

    ● Tally generates backups for you routinely.
    ● Whether your Tally is inactive or active, a backup will be performed on a regular basis.

    Aicloudhoster Cloud FAQs

    You can use your internet browser to operate Tally on Cloud and also you can access through safe user base rdp software

    • You can use your internet browser to view Tally on Cloud.
    • Once you’ve joined, you’ll be taken to a window where you may begin using Tally.
    • Check Aicloudhoster’s video on how Aicloudhoster Cloud functions for more information.
    • Aicloudhoster offers a secure Linux platform to keep your Tally and data safe from bugs, malware, and cyberattacks.
    • Aicloudhoster additionally creates a safe setting because all of its servers are protected by a powerful network.
    • Aicloudhoster additionally safeguards Tally Data from your users by preventing them from accessing Tally Data Documents directly. Moreover, Tally Data Documents are only accessible to administrators.
    • Aicloudhoster Cloud delivers an SSL-enabled Web platform. As a result, your web connections are constantly protected. 
    • Your personal Tally license is required. Tally License is not provided by Aicloudhoster.
    • With Aicloudhoster Cloud, you can utilize both your Silver and Gold Tally Licenses.
    • You may operate your Tally Licenses independently, just like you would in a local context. 
    • You can reach out to us immediately for information on Aicloudhoster’s technical and economical features.
    • Our sales department can assist you with your Aicloudhoster Subscription payment.
    • Our Integration and Assistance Services will take on the task of setting up and using Aicloudhoster Cloud to execute your Tally.

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    Aicloudhoster Cloud?

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